Food preparation should not be a science project.
It should be joyful, eating is an instinct at the end.
So I am gonna do something different with this site.

You see… I can not cook with all kinds of measuring cups and scales around me either. It would be extremely restricting and boring after a couple of attempts. But if you know the few general rules, you can prepare literally anything. And when you pass along this knowledge to your children, nieces, nephews… You have just took a major step towards peaceful, blissful life.

The Human Body, our bodies are a miracle. It is the biggest gift that has ever been given to us, when we have decided to have the human experience on Earth as an Infinite Being.

We are living in a precious, precious gift for a limited time.

So… what do You do when you go to someone else’s house as a guest ? You ruin the house by throwing a bunch of garbage in ? No.
You even bring a bouquet of flowers and be nice.
So FOOD…is that bouquet of flowers that you give to your body when you are residing in there for a limited time as a guest.

Now… unfortunately… with the changes that are currently occurring in our societies, we don’t even know what FOOD is!

You see FOOD is the fuel to put in your mechanism, your body to perform. But for every living mechanism food is different. Not every living mechanism on Earth eats the same thing and feels good, and feels their best.

Most of The Earth’s residents though, eat plants.

Most of the powerful animals on Earth, such as gorillas, elephants, and giraffes… eat plants.

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